CBeebies: when kids watch tv


Being parents, as I always mention, is not a piece of cake. Everybody has something to tell you, some advise to give away without even being asked for it and EVERY SINGLE PERSON, even those who ARE NOT parents, can do it better.

WHATEVER! It is on you. That is all I have to say. So, when it comes to making decisions regarding what you want or do not want your kids to grow up seeing, it is all about being informed and INTUITION.

Yes. That is the reason why I would love to introduce you all guys this amazing tv channel for kids because it is fully created thinking in what kids from ages under six years old need.


BBC has being creating content for kids during more than 90 years. Thats such a good experience. Nowadays, you can find a whole bunch of content for your kids on youtube and other internet websites BUT not all of them are as accurately made as CBEEBIES´s content is!

Sarah and duck, Show me show me, Andy’s Dinosaur adventures and one of the most recent: Hey Duggee. all of them are full of teachings not only for the intellectual but for them to acquire social and emotional skills.

BBC has also came up with the idea of a complementary app in which our kids are going to be able to watch and play from their tablets. Time limit worries? this apps allows parents to configure the desire time for it to stop at the right time. PLUS, you can örder¨it  to show your kids content related to the activity they are about to start doing… whether it is going to school, taking a nap or going to bed. YOU CHOOSE!!

I hope this content would help you to make great decisions when it comes to your kids growing up.




Samuel’s mom (Ginethe Ayala)





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